1-Click Purchase With Credits

February 14, 2018 5:36 pm

This Feature Request was fulfilled on May 22, 2018 in Platinum Version 3.0.9

Auto-deduct credit and complete purchase with 1-Click otion on credit products.

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  • Is this possible yet? I just started setting up a shop and this is instantly the first thing I need. If they are already subscribed and entered their address and details, there is no need to do it all again for every download

  • Yes I’d love to have that feature too, it makes absolutely sense.

  • Try using Yith 1 click Checkout plugin. This skips the basket & checkout pages and allows quick checkout for a single product. It uses the woo checkout options, so will be compatible with woo credits payments

  • I have done a bit of testing with the yith 1 click checkout, but I think it will require some additional input from woo credits dev to get it functioning 100%

  • Hello everyone – just wanted to let you know that we’ve released 1-Click Purchasing for Credit Products in version 3.0.9 which we published today. Please checkout the Release Note and corresponding blog post at:


    Thanks and please let us know feedback and/or additional questions. Have a great day!

  • Amazing!

    I just have one issue, is there any way to redirect someone to a certain page once clicked?

    In my case if I have a digital downloads store and if I click the “one click buy” button, nothing appears to happen until I refresh the page and I see my user credits have gone down. I then make my way to the downloads page and i can see the download is there. Then I have to click the link to star the download. Users will definitely get confused and click multiple times unless some notification pops up.
    Is there any way to redirect the users to another page which displays the download? Or just initiates the download immediately?

    • Ah, ive just seen your video. I’m guessing this might be an issue with my Themify Shoppe theme i’m using as your video shows exactly what its meant to do haha. I’ll contact them

      • 🙂 Replied to your first post just before being notified of this comment. Let us know what Themify Shoppe says. Thanks!

        • So I’ve been in conversation for a few days and it seems like the issue is to do with their AJAX style cart. It’s stopping your button from redirecting to the order completion page. Very annoying, so i’m trying to find a way to turn of the AJAX cart. they have created a work around, but it means there is such a delay in response times that I accidentally clicked “buy in one click” twice, and ended up ordering it twice haha.. so yeah. Ajax cart needs to go i think.

          I hope this helps anyone else with the Shoppe theme. In my personal experience, the Shoppe themes Ajax cart causes more issues than its worth and i’d stay away from this theme!

    • Thanks for reaching out! It should redirect to the completed order page as soon as the credit is deducted. Is it redirecting to the completed order page for you?

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