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May 24, 2017 9:08 pm

Hey everyone,

I bought the platinum version and try to set up a stock photo shop for my photography. While it starts working out nicely, there are some severe legal issues for using woocredits in the eu. There might be an easy fix, I’ll suggest it at the end of my list

1. Credits are virtual goods, so the have to be marked as those.
2. Because you can deny to return virual goods, there hast to be an extra checkbox after accepting the Terms & Conditions for the buyer to agree with it
3. As far as I can see, VAT-Calculation is incoherent. While it adds standard VAT to the final cart value, various invoice plugins display 0% VAT (even if they calculate the VAT). Also, prices have to be marked with notes like “contains xx% VAT”. I codet it myself on some parts, doesn’t seem too hard.
4. Standard Seperator (.) is used between $$.cc Value, not the one you set in Woocommerce (should be an easy fix)

There are some plugins that would fix all of those issues easily if “Buying Credits” would be a product type like “standard product” or “variable product” by itsself. I don’t know how complicated this would be, but it would prevent a lot of legal issues for sure. Right now your plugin will cause trouble to users in the EU.

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  • Edit: An even simpler approach would be an option for regular products to add credits to your account. Something like “When buying this product, add xx credits to buyers account”. The shop owner could set up a virtual product just to add credits, legal issues would be handled by other plugins. While it would fix most – if not all – legal issues, it also double as a requested reward system.

  • Thank you for informing us of this as we were not aware of the legal issues you outlined. Very helpful to know and we’ll map out a solution. Thanks!

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