Please add spans/classes to credit amounts in cart/checkout to make styling easier

December 13, 2017 6:10 pm

In the Cart and Checkout could you please consider wrapping the credit amounts in a tag and class to make CSS styling easier!

For example on line 2135 I have done the following –

$sub_total .= ‘   (‘ . __(‘or’, ‘mwdcp’) . ‘ ‘ . $clabel . ‘)‘;

This will let users style or hide the credit values if required. Without these span tags there is no way to do anything with the credit values displayed. Not very flexible at all.

I’ve had no choice but to update the core plugin to my needs. And I’m going to have to re-implement my changes everytime(!) it’s updated which isn’t great.

Such a simple update that would provide HUGE benefits!



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  • I’ve realised the span tags aren’t displaying in the example I’ve provided. But you get the idea! Just a few simple classes and span tags – and developers will be able to style the credit amounts in the cart much easier! At the moment it’s impossible without hacked the core of the plugin.

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