Adding Secured Content with Credits

February 12, 2020 4:53 am


I currently use a WordPress Woocommerce Memberships along with Woocommerce Subscriptions to allow subscription members access to certain content when they sign up for a monthly membership on my WordPress site.

Each month I would like to be able to give them a number of tokens / credits / coupons that would allow them to select and add additional pages or page sections to their account. I\’m not sure how this would look from a design point of view.

For example, I might have a protected page in my site that contains 30 videos. A user\’s membership level might allow them default access to 3 of those videos. They can then use their tokens / credits they get each month to be able to select another 3 videos to view.

So they\’re not actually purchasing additional products, rather adding secured content to their profile.

Does that makes sense? Can Woo Credits do something like that?

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  • This sounds more like it would be handled with Membership settings and configuration. WooCredits is primarily an plugin to accept payments with Credits as opposed to currency. We try to integrate with popular WooCommerce plugins like Subscriptions, Gravity Forms, etc but we are not trying to add additional functionality on top of those plugins, but rather the ability to pay using Credits within those plugins. Hope that makes sense and we would encourage you to dig through the Membership documentation to see what you can find regarding your scenario. If what you discover can be priced in terms of currency, it is almost certain we can make adjustments to our plugin to allow for prices in terms of credits. Thanks and have a great day!

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