Bookings Integration Problems

April 30, 2019 6:42 pm

We are having issues with this plugin integrating with WooCommerce Bookings. Our use case is as follows: People can purchase credits using dollars. They then need to be able to use those credits to book time with (via the WooCommerce Bookings plugin). The booking can ONLY accept credits, not dollars.

Here is the problem. After setting up the bookable product with WooCommerce Bookings, I checked the box that only allows purchasing with credits (no dollars). However, when viewing the product it shows as “Free or 1 Credit” and in checkout it allows people to select no payment method at all or to use their credits. This is obviously problematic. This issue is derailing our entire project.

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  • Can you please verify that you do not have “0” entered for currency price of bookable product? Currency price field should be blank.

  • Ok, strange. Can you send temp WP Admin to so we can troubleshoot? Thanks!

  • Thank you! We have fixed main booking plugin issue, however, additional issue is related to the Product Addon plugin. We have discovered that the problematic JS code is hard coded into the Product Addon plugin and therefore cannot implement a fix in our plugin, without directly modifying the Product Addon code. This is obviously not a best practice, as changes would be overwritten every time Product Addon is updated. We are continuing to dig through their code to see if we can find a solution, but at moment it does not appear that a solution for the Product Addon is at hand, other than by directly modifying their code.

  • To clarify…we uploaded fix for main booking plugin issue to your site. Please test and let us know. Thanks!

  • A few questions:

    1) Which plugin did you modify, the bookings plugin or the woo credits plugin?
    2) What was the problem?
    3) What is the problem with the product addons plugin and will it prevent the site from working properly?

  • 1) Changes were made to WooCredits plugin
    2) There was small bug with credit calcuation for booking product which we fixed by modifying WooCredits plugin
    3) It will not prevent site from working, we just need to find a way to improve integration with Product Addon plugin without modifying Addon plugin code. Currently, this does not seem possible, but we are continuing to keep an eye on their updates and will notify you if/when this become a possibility.

  • Another question, were the changes you made to the plugin’s files? I.e., will I have to copy the plugin folder from the dev site where the changes were made back to my main wordpress installation for the fixes to work?

  • The changes were made in the updated version of WooCredits, so, yes, you would need to make sure the live site is running the updated version.

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