Can’t add more bundles

July 11, 2018 10:03 am

I currently have 4 woocredit bundles which are used in a variable subscription to allow members to receive a certain amount of tokens amount depending on how much they pay.

I want to allow some members to buy tokens without buying a subscription, or as a top up to their current subscription

So i went and clicked “add bundle” and I added a line “top up 10 tokens” and added the price. I then clicked save and the line dissapeared? It did add a product under Woocomerce Products though, but this product doesn’t have any price/category and no “buy now” button. Just a blank product which I can’t seem to do anything with.

Am I correct that I should be able to add more bundles? As many as I like, and assign certain bundles to the subscriptions (which i already have) and assign other bundles as the “top up” tokens?

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