Checkout problem.

May 22, 2018 8:01 am


we have problem in checkout.
Can you look and fix that?

Emailed user info.

Thank you.

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  • Thanks for posting. We placed a test order this morning and did not see any error on checkout page. Also, the info you sent only has basic user privileges so we cannot do much troubleshooting beyond testing order. Can you provide additional info? For instance, have others reported issue or is it limited to your tests? Are you logged in as Admin when testing? Happy to help try to identify problem…let us know, thanks!

  • Hello,

    we don’t have any users now because we are starting website. That error comes with our admin user and come in cart and checkout also…
    What we need to provide now?

    Thank you.

  • We are provide administration permission for you, we forget that, sorry.

  • Thanks for providing admin. We just tried ordering again (orders #3247 and #3248) and did not experience any problems. Is there anyway you can record a screencast of your checkout process or take full screenshots of each step showing what you see and where? Very sorry, but hard for us to troubleshoot when we can’t duplicate what you’re seeing 🙁

  • We will check ti again and give feedback if something still bad.
    Thank you.

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