Credit Purchases not populating in the Cart

March 14, 2020 9:42 pm

I set up a CTA block on my Elementor dev site to test out functionality of this plugin. When I created the link it is not populating into the shopping cart for Woocommerce. I have tried with the html code and also the shortcode with no success. The ones that were set up within Woocommerce as Subscriptions are working appropriately. Is there a way to get this functionality to work?


What would be great is having the ability to designate a credit bundle inside of a simple product entry. I would say that even the simple and variable products need to have both a field for Price in Credits and Credits Plan drop down. This way we can use WooCommerce products to sell our credits and our products.

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  • Ok….So figured out there is a WooCommerce item called credits. These do populate into the shopping cart, but I did notice that the Product Image is not posting to the product as it should. I also noticed that the entries that are auto-created by the credit bundles cannot be changed, so if you create on that is supposed to be a part of a subscription, you cannot use that entry and will have to create a new product and then link it in the subscription type. This is counter-intuitive because you end up with extra entries in your product list that have no use.

    As stated earlier, I think it would be a better experience overall that the same fields available in Subscriptions products be available for Simple products and allow the ability to link the product to the credit bundle.

  • Thanks for the post and feedback. As of 4.0.6 the credit bundle image issue you mentioned should be resolved. You can try clicking the blue “Clear Cache” button in WooCredits settings page if image issues persists.

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