Deduct credits automatically?

July 1, 2019 12:11 pm


This is a pre-sales question. Everything looks great, but I have a question that applies to our business and Im wondering if woo credits can provide the help we need.

In short, we sell leads and offer packages of credits for leads. Package 1 (20 leads), etc. Is there a way to have credits deduct automatically without having to manually deduct the credit as the customer gets leads?

The way we work now is we have an external phone system that records the calls that are forwarded to customers. Customers can log in and see the calls they received, and also the call recordings are emailed to the customer after every call.

If we need to do some custom work, we will because our phone system does not work with wordpress. But I’m curious, is there is a way to have credits deduct automatically somehow with the way this extension works currently?

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