Deduct credits automatically?

July 1, 2019 12:11 pm


This is a pre-sales question. Everything looks great, but I have a question that applies to our business and Im wondering if woo credits can provide the help we need.

In short, we sell leads and offer packages of credits for leads. Package 1 (20 leads), etc. Is there a way to have credits deduct automatically without having to manually deduct the credit as the customer gets leads?

The way we work now is we have an external phone system that records the calls that are forwarded to customers. Customers can log in and see the calls they received, and also the call recordings are emailed to the customer after every call.

If we need to do some custom work, we will because our phone system does not work with wordpress. But I’m curious, is there is a way to have credits deduct automatically somehow with the way this extension works currently?

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  • In order to deduct credits, there needs to be some sort of an event to trigger the deduction. In the scenario you outline above, what is the event that would trigger the deduction?

  • Can you send me any documentation how to create an event trigger?

  • Currently, the triggers are when a user completes checkout with Credit products in their cart. This can be done either through traditional WooCommerce checkout process, or by using our one-click buy feature. If you can provide some clarity on what trigger you are envisioning for the “automatic” deduction, we can provide clearer answer on feasibility. We are having trouble visualizing what you mean by “automatic” deduction. Thanks!

    • I have a site that sell leads. The user chooses from several packages that include an x number of leads. The idea I have is to use woo credits and give the user credits for the lead quantity that comes with the packaged they ordered.

      The way we work now is, we send the lead to the customer by email. My goal is to somehow deduct a credit every time a lead is sent to the customer. The leads are sent from our phone system that also sends the recording of the call. Maybe we can build something that tells woo credit to deduct a credit automatically when an event happens?

      Can you tell me which file to look at to see where to add something like that in the code? I can ask our guy to try and look at it.


  • Good morning! In order to pull this off, you would need to email the lead from inside WordPress, and unless you can have the phone system communicate with WordPress via some sort of API, you would likely need to manually tell WordPress each time a phone call was made. We have customization services for $50/hour. If you’re interested, we would need link to site and admin access in order to generate a quote. Thanks and let us know.

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