disable buy credit bundles and credits products together

December 15, 2018 6:29 pm

before the recent updates buying product credits and credit bundles together arent allowed
id like to have that feature back. i would like my customers to buy credits first before purchasing products

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  • Customers are still required to purchase Credit Bundle prior to purchasing products with credit price. The only change is that the checkout process has been streamlined to allow both to be added to cart. Can you elaborate on what you are envisioning so we can better understand and consider? Thanks!

  • i would like them to be purchased separately. i wouldnt want them to be paid together. it just defeats the purpose of having credits. id like for my customers to buy credits first before buying credit products. and when they run out of credits and try to purchase credit products a pop with a warning that theyre out of credits would be nice then a link to instantly top up their credits before proceeding to paying the credits products

  • Ok, thanks for response! Currently, if Credit Product only is added in cart, and user does not have enough Credits in account, then it works as you want… i.e. notifying user of insufficient credit balance, directing them to buy more credits, then restoring cart to complete Credit Product purchase. It seems we need to figure out option for not forcing Credit Product to process as Currency, when Credit Bundle and Credit Product are in cart, with insufficient Credit Balance present. If you can send WP Admin access to info@woocredits.com we can setup locally and come up with solution for you. Thanks!

  • i dont see any notification. can you do a pop up message with redirection to but credits first. before if i choose credit bundle it removes the credit products. but now credit bundle and credit product can be purchased at the same time

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