Extending/Editing Users credits expiry date

November 28, 2018 3:14 am

Hello! I have made a mistake of setting the wrong credit expiry days of my credit products, but even after I corrected it, my customer’s credit expiry date won’t be updated. Is there a way to update my customer’s bought credits?
Thanks so much!

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  • Unfortunately, there is currently no way to make such a correction.

    • Thanks for your reply.
      Is it possible to enable this feature in the future?
      It would be very useful as we sometimes need to extend our customer’s credit expiry due to various reasons, e.g. to compensate customers because of unexpected business downtime, etc..
      Or at least let us know the credit expiry of each customer.

      Thanks for your time!

  • We have placed it on list of possible feature enhancements, which we prioritize by number of requests for similar feature. Thank you for the feedback!

  • Hi there! As there is no way to manually edit the credits expiry date, I had to create a new order for each of my customer one-by-one with the correct expiry date.
    So problem solved (clumsily).
    But a customer whose credits expired on 7/1 (with 2 credits remained at the time), bought another 10 credits on 5/1.
    Credits amount and expiry date were correct when she bought it.
    She used 2 credits today.
    The remaining credits suddenly became 2 afterwards.
    I manually edited it back to 10 credits after receiving her complaints.

    Please can you help to check? Is her remaining credit’s expiry date still correct?
    How do I know?


  • Thank you for outlining scenario. We are checking and will revert back to you.

    • Hi there! The wrong credit balance outlined above keep happening randomly.
      Customers’ credit balance became 0 or other amount when their previous credit plan expired.

      It is very frustrating for us as we keep receiving customer complaints. And we have to manually record every customer’s credits bundle expiry date and their credit usage to know if their credit balance is correct.

      Really appreciated if you can take a look at this ASAP. If you needed more info., please let me know, but I really need this to be solved soon.

      Thanks a lot!!

  • I would like to add +1 to the ability to edit expiry date on a per user basis.


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