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February 12, 2020 5:26 pm

I’m currently using your plugin on a test site to see if the functionality is what we need. I’ve been following along with your tutorials but there are a few things I need a little help in understanding.

1. When I go to WOO CREDITS and create my CREDIT BUNDLES (Bundle 1, Bundle 2, Bundle 3), a new product is automatically created for those bundles. Is that what is suppose to happen? I cannot then make those bundles/products a SIMPLE SUBSCRIPTION. I have to create a NEW PRODUCT and make that a SIMPLE SUBSCRIPTION and choose a bundle from the CREDITS PLAN. Is that how it is suppose to work? If so, is that because you can then create other credit bundles that are separate and don’t have to be associated with a subscription?

2. The CREDIT BUNDLES I’ve created (see attached) have been assigned # OF CREDITS and PRICE but when I go to MY ACCOUNTS page, the PRICE is set to $0.00.

3. I noticed there is a third option now in the WOO CREDITS WOO COMMERCE SUBSCRIPTIONS settings called “Enable Credit Usage Limit”. How is this used?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi, thanks for the post! Answers to your questions below:

    1) Yes, that is how bundles and subscriptions are supposed to work.
    2) Please ensure the Bundles have a price in WooCredits settings, and then click the blue Clear Cache button. That should get the prices to display.
    3) Enable Credit Usage Limit allows you to set a limit on the amount of credits spent in the store for defined periods of time.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    1) After working with the plugin for a few days I understand question #1 above.
    2) I noticed that if I use the $ in the price field when creating a bundle ($125), then the price will not show up on the “My Account” page. If I enter the price in the price field without the $ (125) then the price will show up.
    3) Let’s say someone purchases a subscription that gives them 50 credits per month. And in month 1 they only use 25 credits. I assume these credits roll over. But we don’t want them to have move than say 60 credits at most to use in any one month. Would Enable Credit Usage work in this case? And then possibly use the expiry feature so they don’t continue rolling over from month to month? Does that make sense?

  • Thanks for the note on #2. The best way to limit the rollover amount would be to check the “Reset Credits Upon Subscription Renewal” option. In the case you outline above, the 25 credits they have remaining would be wiped out at end of month, and their balance would start at 50 on the beginning of each month. If you wanted the credits to continue to rollover, but prevent them from spending more than 60 per month, you could use the Enable Credit Usage Limit and set it to 60, however, they could potentially build up a big credit balance surplus which might be confusing or frustrating to them. Most people use the reset credits option…

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