How to Request a Refund?

April 25, 2018 1:51 am

I can’t find a place to request a refund? I also can’t remove my credit card. This plugin didn’t meet my needs and I did not want to renew it. I need to speak with someone about a refund please.

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  • You have full control over your subscription at Once logged in, simply click “Subscriptions” in left menu to view your active subscriptions. To cancel a subscription, click “View” next the subscription you wish to cancel, then click the “Cancel” button when the subscription details page loads. Once you’ve cancelled the desired subscription, you can remove payment methods by clicking “Payment methods” in left menu, then clicking “Delete” next to the desire method you wish to remove.

  • Yes, but I had done this and it seemed to not take. Plus, I asked about a refund; I would like a direct link to customer service please.

  • You can email to discuss in more detail, however, in examining your order, the plugin was activated on a domain a little over a year ago, so it appears to have been in use.

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