Integration with a classified website using maybe WordPress theme

June 8, 2019 5:42 pm

I am looking for something like this to use with a classifieds site I want to set up. People will be able to place ads for free, but some categories will be paid for. It will be a craigslist like website. I have some questions:

1. I am assuming that woocredits will work with WooComerce and WordPress? Or can I also use it with other sites? If I created a site using Dreamweaver will I be able to integrate it?

2. Do you have a classifieds site template that you know this will work with?

3. Can you show us examples of websites which use this plug in?

4. How long has Woocredits been in operation? I was wondering if it has any bugs.

5. I will sell a pack of credits for example $20 dollars for 20 credits, 50 credits for $50 etc.. In other words 1 credit for 1 dollar. The user can then book listings on my classifieds site. Let’s say my user decides to buy a listing for a week which will cost 3 credits. Can I use Woocredits to let the user submit an advert and have 3 credits deducted from his/her balance? Will the user have the option to relist his listing the following week if I have a ‘renew’ button?

6. So I will have to renew the fee with you every year? Or can it buy it outright?

Thank you in advance.

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  • Hello, thanks for your post. Answers below:

    1) Yes, WooCredits is designed to work with WordPress and WooCommerce integrations.
    2) No, we do not know of any specific classified site templates, however, it should work with any WooCommerce ready theme.
    3) The best way to get idea of how plugin works is to watch the Video Tutorials at
    4) We are approaching 3 years since we launched. Please look at Release Notes to see all the version releases, which cover everything from small and large improvements, as well as various bug fixes we encountered over the years.
    5) We have integrated with Gravity Forms which allows you to deduct credits when a user submits a form. You would likely need custom development to configure Gravity Forms to work with a classifieds theme, as well as custom development for the “renew” feature.
    6) Our license fee is set to auto-renew each year, which gives you access to latest versions of plugin and support related to the advertised features, and not custom development.

    Thanks and good luck with site!

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