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January 15, 2021 3:48 pm

Ok, so I’m using the platinum version and we have a set up that is essentially just like Book of the Month or Audible or any of the monthly sub sites.

Users need to be able to be issued one credit each month (working)
Be able to redeem that credit or hold on to it (Also working)
Be able to add another item for cash along with their credits (not exactly working).

As is it lets them redeem their credits, but I’m not seeing how they can choose how many to redeem and do the rest in cash.
Is there a way to have it not show the (or 1 credit) dialogue after everything? I’d like it only to tag the eligible item. As is it’s tagging the coupon discount value as a (1 credit). Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    we are working to add mixed checkout option with credits but for now its not implemented.

    for hiding credit text from Product, Cart, Checkout Page you can use option on

    Woo Credits Settings > Optional Settings > “Hide Credit text on Product, Cart, Checkout Page”

    • I found a work around using the ‘buy now with credits’ option but for some reason, even after checking that option in the settings, the buy now button does not appear on product pages and the payment gateways are still showing even though I checked that to hide as well.

      Is there a shortcode or similar to add ‘buy now’ to any product page?


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