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March 23, 2020 6:49 am

Hi there, not heard back.

To make my question more simple:

I want to enable monthly credit resetting for subscriptions, but I don’t want additionally purchased credits outside of the subscription to be affected. Is this possible?

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  • The plugin should already be functioning like this. Are you running into issues with this? Thanks and hope you are well.

  • I’m close to purchasing, but this was something holding me up. I can see your return policy, and understand it completely… but this point is not stated anywhere, even in your videos.

    To confirm, the plugin should allow a person who is subscribed to a WooCommerce subscription via the official WooCommerce plugin that I will purchase and set-up separately to be assigned a number of credits per month e.g: 10 credits at the start of the month. I also want to reset these credits back to 10 when the new month has been started. This part of the puzzle is simple.

    The issue I have is, on top of this I want to allow one-off purchases of credits, like a top up for users who need more. I need to confirm however that if they buy 30 credits at the end of the month that these wouldn’t be reset to zero, just the auto assigned 10 credits.

    Have you separated purchased and assigned subscription credits in some way?

    If so, everything sounds good.

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