Plugin doesn’t allow Stripe to load Apple Pay Buttons

July 4, 2019 6:26 am

Please help. When I activate this plugin my Stripe Apple Pay buttons disappear.

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  • Thank you for post! We are checking. Are you able to send temporary WP Admin to so we can debug your setup?

  • Thanks for correspondence via email. Here is recap of our latest email:

    Please see quick screencast below. We just deactivated our plugin, added product to cart and proceeded to checkout. Apple Pay is not visible throughout process…

    (link to screencast is in email we sent you)

    Happy to help debug, but the screenshots you sent (showing Apple Pay button visible with our plugin activated) and our inability to see Apple Pay in any instance just isn’t adding up. Is there any additional info you can share (i.e. are the screens you sent from dev or local server? Is there any limiting of Apple Pay on user account type?) We’ve tested both from our US and overseas office locations and don’t see Apple Pay in any scenario.

    We’ve tested in Chrome, Firefox and on a Mac/Safari combo matching requirements here and don’t see Apple Pay in any scenario, with or without our plugin activated.

    Can you please share screencast (with address / URL bar included) of where you took previous screenshots, as well as browser you are using? We’re determined to get to the bottom of this, but the discrepancy between your screens showing Apple Pay with our plugin activated and what we’re seeing at live site is very perplexing.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

  • We also just tested on iPhone X running latest iOS and don’t see Apple Pay with or without our plugin activated…

    (sent screencast via email)

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