Woo Credits and Woo Subscriptions Integration

March 14, 2020 4:46 pm


It appears that Woo Credits and Woo subscriptions has a hiccup.
I have a set of woo subscriptions that are variable in price and renewals (months/years). I added a number woo credits to be allocated to a subscriber on a monthly basis depending on their subscription. All good so far.

The problem occurs when a woo subscriber upgrades or downgrades a subscription. This is prorated in terms of dollars by woo commerce. However, woo credits also needs to pro rate credits.

For example a lite monthly subscriber gets 2 credits upon sign up, then 2 credits a month, and a pro monthly subscriber gets 4 credits upon sign up then 4 credits per month. If a woo subscriber switches from a lite to a pro subscription, their accounts should be credited with the additional signup credits and the updated credits per month. The signup credits do not seem to work, or there does not appear to be a solution that is integrated.

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