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December 13, 2016 10:21 am

I\’m interested to purchase your plugin, but would like to know if it has the following functionality / integration.

I am looking to setup an online lottery site using this plugin – https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-lottery-wordpress-prizes-and-lotteries/15075983?_ga=1.240042245.768062834.1481542361 – I already have the plugin so I can provide you the code, if you wish to test it out?

My aim is to get users to purchase credits via payment gateway, then enter into lotteries using ONLY credits.

– Is it possible to integrate credits into lottery plugin?
– Can credits be used to purchase non downloadable products?
– Is it possible to use Credits as the ONLY payment method for products?

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  • Hi, thanks for the post! Answers below:

    1) We are not familiar with the Lottery plugin, however, if Lotteries are a Woo Commerce Product type, then our plugin should integrate without issue.
    2) Yes, Credits can be used to purchase non-downloadable products.
    3) Yes, there is an option in Woo Credits settings to run a Credits only store and hide $ prices.

    Thanks and please let us know if you have additional questions.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    I also saw that the platinum version has “Issue Complimentary Credits to Customers” What does that function mean / do? I would like to be able to offer my users free credits for completing certain actions such as;

    Share to social media
    invite friends
    subscribe to mail list (mailchimp)
    Leave product review or testimonial

    This would be a great way for any site admin to increase traffic and sales.

    • “Issue complimentary credits” simply means that admin can edit the credit balance of any user, adding any number of credits to a user’s balance that they desire. Had not thought about attaching to certain actions, but that is an intriguing idea.

  • I have purchased your platinum plugin and got it installed. It seems to have some conflicts with the woo lottery plugin I am using. When the lottery is enabled the credits option does not appear on the product page.

    I have spoken with the dev of woo lottery, the plugin uses a custom product type and may need something extra to enable credits to work with that?

    I really hope I can find a working solution for these to plugins.

  • Can you send FTP and WP Admin to info@woocredits.com so we can take closer look and resolve conflict?

  • @gilesytheking – we have fixed for Lottery plugin and uploaded to your site. Please test and confirm. Thanks!

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