Woo Lottery Plugin, Credit refunds

May 16, 2018 12:27 pm

Hi again, I am still doing a bit of testing with credits & lottery plugin. In a recent update to the lottery plugin, there is an option to refund all the lottery ticket entries if the lottery is not successful (not enough tickets sold). This is done from Products -> Lottery Product -> Lotteries metabox

I have tried to make a refund for lottery tickets purchased with credits, however the refund failed. I get the message “invalid refund amount”

Im not sure if your plugin already supports refunds, but it would be great if I could refund lottery tickets purchased with credits

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  • As always, thanks for the post. This looks like a newly implemented feature with the Lottery plugin. Give us a little time to understand how it works on their end and we’ll update WooCredits accordingly.

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