Woocredits throwing 500 server error on accounts with failed payments on membership

July 4, 2018 4:49 am

We are using WooCredits, with Woo Subscriptions, and Woocommerce Membership plug ins.

We have spent 2 weeks trying to find the issue to our site throwing an 500 error when finally today we realized it is WooCredits Platinum plug ins.

Accounts that fail a payment they seem to be put on hold, but still listed as subscribers, and when they have credits in their account, the plug in doesn’t know what to do so it crashes the 500.

If we disable Woo Credits everything works fine. Problem is WooCredits is how people pay for their products.

So right now we have a bunch of accounts that failed payment and when they goto the site they can’t even log in the site throws a 500 they get cookied and they can’t even reach ANY part of the site.

Disable the plug in all is accessible and fine.

Help would be greatful. Thanks

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